Barnett rules must apply to DUP deal

Angela Crawley MP for Lanark and Hamilton East has written to the Secretary of State for Scotland to demand Barnett formula rules apply to Scotland following the Tory deal with the DUP. Theresa May has signed £1.5 billion funding to Northern Ireland in exchange for DUP support for her weakened government – and under Barnett … Read more

First speech of the new Parliament

Lanark and Hamilton East MP Angela Crawley has continued her record of speaking out against the Tories, making her first speech in the new parliament this week (Thursday), calling on the UK Government to stop its obsessions on austerity. Ms Crawley spoke as the SNP’s front bench spokesperson in the Housing and Social Security section … Read more

Angela appointed to SNP front bench.

Lanark and Hamilton East MP Angela Crawley has been named as one of the SNP’s front bench spokespeople at Westminster. Ms Crawley is now the SNP’s Spokesperson for Equalities, Women and Children, Family Support, Housing, Child Maintenance and Disability. This brief will see Ms Crawley shadow two UK Government ministers, Justine Greening, the Minister for … Read more

Angela re-elected.

Lanark and Hamilton East MP Angela Crawley has thanked her constituents for re-electing her in last week’s General Election. Angela now takes her place as one of the 35 SNP MPs at Westminster. The SNP won the election in Scotland, winning more votes and seats than all of the other parties combined. However, Angela said … Read more

Comment on the General Election

This snap election is a huge U-turn for the UK Government. After months of ruling out a vote, the Prime Minister believes she can remove any opposition to her hard-Brexit plans by taking advantage of a disunited Labour Party. It’s Theresa May putting the interests of her party above the interests of the country. For … Read more

Angela condemns cruel rape clause

Lanark & Hamilton East MP Angela Crawley has condemned the UK Government’s two child policy and the “rape clause” which was passed into law last week. In July 2015, the then Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, announced in his summer budget plans to slash child tax credit payments to just two children per family … Read more

EU National Surgery

Angela Crawley MP is hosting a specialist surgery event for EU nationals living in Lanark and Hamilton East on the 21st of April between 10am and 12noon at the Hamilton Town House. The surgery follows the uncertainty faced by thousands of Angela’s constituents that live in the UK and previously utilised their right to move … Read more