International Women’s Day: Angela Crawley presents David Cameron with checklist.

Angela Crawley has provided David Cameron with a “checklist” on International Women’s Day, urging him to take action on key issues affecting women. The Lanark and Hamilton East MP has written to the Prime Minister setting out five key areas where the UK government can and should take urgent action to improve the lives of women in … Read more

The UK must commit to tackling violence against women

Angela Crawley is continuing her call for the UK government to commit to tackling violence against women and ratify the European Council’s Istanbul Convention which will legislate for a series of coordinated measures to ensure cooperation between Government, local authorities and charities. The Scottish National Party spokesperson for Women and Equalities, has urged the UK government to stop … Read more

Angela Crawley highlights additional funding for those affected by recent flooding

Lanark and Hamilton East MP Angela Crawley has today highlighted additional funding for those that suffered the effects of the recent floods. Foundation Scotland launched a Flood Recovery Appeal on 8th January, raising funds to directly support individuals and families affected. In addition, funding is available for community organisations working hard to provide services in … Read more

Angela Crawley backs campaign to reduce gender pay-gap in rural areas

Lanark and Hamilton East MP Angela Crawley has today backed a new campaign to tackle the gender gap in employment in rural areas. The campaign follows fresh statistics from the Scottish Parliament Information Centre (SPICe) showing the gender gap is more pronounced across rural areas in Scotland than in the nation as a whole. The … Read more

Angela Crawley condemns cost of Westminster restoration

Angela Crawley, Member of the Parliament for Lanark and Hamilton East, has condemned the ‘astronomical’ cost of the proposed restoration of the Westminster Parliament as ‘unthinkable’ during a time of damaging cuts to public services.  The local MP says reform of Parliament, including abolition of the House of Lords, should clearly be resolved before proposals … Read more