If you’re here you’ve received an email from me with a link asking you to confirm you still wish to receive emails, and are wondering why.

Data protection law in Scotland, the UK and across the EU, has until now been shaped by a 1995 EU data protection directive. As you can imagine a lot has changed since that law was passed. To safeguard EU citizens’ rights in the modern digital world, a new and better framework – the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) has been carefully drawn up by the EU and comes into force this year.

In April 2016 – after more than four years of discussion and negotiation – GDPR was adopted in the European Parliament as well as by the European Council. The underpinning regulation and directive were published at the end of that month, and since then the UK Government has been working on a new Data Protection Bill to implement GDPR.

This new law comes into force on May 25th this year. To comply with the EU legislation it strengthens your digital rights, and tightens up the obligations for all those holding and using personal information – such as your name and email address. These strengthened rights include allowing people to have easier access to the data companies and organisations hold about them and a clear responsibility to obtain and demonstrate the consent of people whose information is held.

To that end I’m currently asking that subscribers to my weekly updates to confirm they still wish to receive the emails. In line with the new law I will be deleting the records of any constituents who have not recently confirmed they wish to receive my emails, when the GDPR comes into force this May. So if you would like me to keep you informed please do click the link sent in your email and let me know.

You can can of course unsubscribe at any time and you can read my privacy policy in full here